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How old must my child be in order to enroll?
Your child must be at least 2 years of age.


What are the hours?
Please click here for the scheduled classes and respective hours for the Riggs Campus facility and
click here
for the Fulton Ranch facility.


What days can my child attend and what's the tuition?
Please click here for the scheduled classes and respective tuition for the Riggs Campus facility
and click here for the Fulton Ranch facility.


What if my child is allergic to certain types of foods?
It is important that staff members are notified of any allergies. We are a strawberry and nut-free environment.
We also have eppi pens on site in case of emergency.


What are the teachers' qualifications?
All Carebear teachers are professionals or working towards a certificate in early childhood education.
We carefully select our teachers based on their unique skills and love for teaching children. Our teachers
seek to motivate and inspire a love of learning. They bring an educated understanding of how children learn
best to the classroom experience. At Carebear, our teachers are committed to finding and applying the
best methods and tools appropriate for preschool learning. The Carebear staff is fingerprinted and receives
a thorough background check as part of our commitment to provide a secure, safe environment. We maintain monthly meetings with our staff to discuss academics, classroom management skills, and discipline.


Can I visit my child's class?
We love to have parents at our Preschool as parents play an important role in the preschool program. Each
parent has a unique set of talents and interests so don't be shy about offering your assistance. Siblings are
not allowed in the classroom when you are volunteering your time. We also have an observation window for
each classroom where parents can see in at any time. Please coordinate visits with your respective teacher.


How will I know that my child is safe while I am at work?
What security measures are taken when releasing children?

Carebear Preschool has a security coded system at their entrance that a parent must know prior to entering
the premises. We also require the parent/guardian to complete an emergency card of those individuals authorized to pick up their child. In the event that someone else would need to pick up your child, written authorization must be provided to the office and that individual will be required to show identification.


Do children go outside everyday?
Yes, we have an indoor gymnasium which offers room for your child to play, learn, and grow. We also have
a state-of-the-art large outdoor play area which includes a water park.


Do you have before and after school care?
Yes, we offer after school care.


How do the educators and parents communicate?
In addition to our monthly school newsletters, our teachers distribute weekly reports to parents regarding
the accomplishments from the respective week. We also have regular parent teacher conferences.
Parents can speak to their teacher at any time or may communicate via email.