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The pre-k program is designed for 4 and 5 year-olds who can recognize and write all the letters of the alphabet and who also know their sounds. Children should be able to write their first and last name, count to 50 and recognize and write their numbers to 25.

The school year will begin with a brief review of letters and letter sounds. We Will then progress to beginning and ending sounds, letter blends, vowels, phonetic awareness and diagraphs. We will begin sight words, word families and reading decodable books by mid-year. In addition, this program will expand your child's math skills by introducing the concepts of addition, subtraction and measurement and encourage critical thinking skills through daily science experimentation.

Handwriting is an integral part of the pre-k program. Students continue with the Handwriting Without Tears (now a national award winner!) program and will be journaling regularly in class. students will also be introduced to basic grammar and punctuation to enhance written communication as well as increase reading fluency.

This program provides a nurturing environment which encourages each
child's individual strengths as well as cooperative learning and builds
self-confidence. As in all Carebear classes, we focus on the positive
and believe a student's greatest asset is a positive attitude!