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Carebear teachers do more than guide and encourage your child;
they provide tools that teach your child to think for him or herself
with confidence. Our skill-based teaching methods offer active
lessons at your child's own ability level.

All Carebear teachers are state-certified educational professionals or
working towards a certificate in early childhood education. We carefully select our teachers based on their unique skills and love for teaching children. Our teachers seek to motivate and inspire a love of learning. They bring an educated understanding of how children learn best to the classroom experience. At Carebear, our teachers are committed to finding and applying the best methods and tools appropriate for preschool learning. The Carebear staff is fingerprinted and receives
a thorough background check as part of our commitment to provide
a secure, safe environment.


The School Community

Parents are the most significant adults in a child’s life. We strive to
create mutual respect between parents and the school staff; a partnership for the benefit of the child. Our doors are always open
to parents for volunteering or to visit their child during Lunch Bunch.

During the year, the school sponsors events that all parents are encouraged to participate in, such as afternoon festivals, graduation, luncheons, and parent teacher conferences. Suggestions and
volunteers are always appreciated.

Communication between the parent, child, and teacher is important
to ensure a good working relationship. We encourage daily communication between parents and teachers.

Regular parent-teacher conferences are a priority at Carebear
Preschool. It is our experience that when parents and teachers are
able to work and plan together for the child’s educational progress,
the child benefits greatly.

Each teacher can be contacted through email to answer questions
or concerns and parents are always welcome to pre-arrange
meetings with teachers. Newsletters are sent home weekly and are
also available on our website. We also send out monthly calendars.


There are a number of ways you can assist us in providing
your child with the best possible education at preschool:

  • Complete assigned homework.
  • Read to your child.
  • Support and encourage your child's development.
  • Work with your child at home.
  • Discuss any problems or worries directly with the teacher.
  • Visit the Preschool and volunteer.
  • Offer to share any hobbies, interests, or expertise you may have
             with the children (e.g. playing an instrument, pottery, cooking,
             culture, language, etc.)
  • Please remember all children develop at different rates.
  • Be positive.