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Now Registering for Spanish Class

Our goal is to teach children aged 3-6 years Spanish language in a fun, nurturing, encouraging and natural environment.

The half-day classes will follow the same curriculum and class structure as Carebear, including circle time, math, science, computers and other subjects, but with the key difference that instruction will be given primarily in Spanish.

The benefits of learning a second language from such a young age have been widely proven and in today’s world it is more important than ever to give children this advantage as early as possible.

Studies show that when children are exposed to a foreign language at such an early age, the information is stored in the same part of the brain as their native tongue and they are more likely to be completely fluent later in life.

Studying a foreign language not only supports brain development, but it has also been linked to higher test scores, greater confidence, and more advanced reading and language skills in the child’s own language as well; not to mention an expanded view of the world and greater opportunities for the child’s future.

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